RU251, T49, and AMX 13 90 (Tier 9) Stats

Team selection for random battles is done according to several parameters. Each battle takes place in a battle tier , which should not be confused with tank tiers. On this page we always use Arabic numerals “7” when discussing battle tiers and Roman numerals “VII” when discussing tank tiers. Team balancing within a battle tier takes place according to vehicle specific weighting and additional restrictions. Battles can take place in ten different battle tiers. Each vehicle, depending on its performance, is assigned a certain subset of these battle tiers that it is supposed to fight in. To see which battle tiers a vehicle can fight in, find it on the left side of the chart. If it is not listed as an exception on the Unique Matchmaking Chart, the default rules above apply.

Unfair matchmaking world of tanks

Jump to content. Veni, Vidi, Lusi. Gentleman Tanker. Destroyer, on 05 February – AM, said:. I guess you are playing your old account when MM is bad so that the winrate in your new account is not affected?

matchmaking mm list mmowg. Possibilistic logic, t49 a replacement for a. Preferential expression of tanks; wot matchmaking and. Wot premium vehicles.

Jump to content. I love my T49 – approx. On paper, the Crusader seems to be a similar tank – it trades speed for maneuverability, single shot damage for DPM, and a bit of aim-time for much better accuracy. In addition, it gets a lot more hp and armor that won’t be overmatched every time. I usually play my T49 aggressively – I rush to scout binocs and camo net , take opportunity shots, and circle slow heavies if needed late game.

I love high ROF tanks esp. Thanks for reading! I suppose you could play the Crusader similar to a 49 or Hellcat, but it is better used as a scout, fall back, engage from the sides, harass, etc. When top tier you can function like a medium, but when low tier use caution and support the heck out of your big guns. I wouldn’t suggest binocs and camo net, but instead optics, rammer, and vents.


While every other tank is reciving somewhat buff, 13 90 is only one that is being nerfed. Yes its a scout yet its getting nerfed to the point where it cant scout either. Can you see it? Whereas now it can 1 clip any other scout in the game. They are seeing the same tier tanks so they should have stayed as is. On many occasions you simply so not have a choice but to fight.

Matchmaking – posted in Locked Thread Archive: Matchmaking my a$$! its But apart from my T49 games because I’m grinding while MM.

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Your Store. Browse Browse. Full Stories Headlines. Update 4. It will bring the branch of French light tanks and a map set in the Atlantic Wall. We also improved the balance and returned Mastery Badges: Ace Tanker to the achievement screen. Welcome to the Missile Exercise, warriors!

We prepared two new vehicles especially for you. The first vehicle is a modification of the T49 equipped with antitank guided missiles. It’s not a toy. Therefore, we’ll start with checking your gunnery skills and only then will we entrust the best commanders with the KpfPz

All tanks in the game

The composition of tanks in each team is a task of matchmaker. It works in following manner. It takes one tank from the queue and looks at his tier. For example it is IS – russian heavy with tier 7. The matchmaker takes the corresponding line from the table below and sees that the IS has battle tiers from 7 till 9. Randomly is the tier for battle selected.

Jan 12, – What are the best tanks in World of Tanks end of / beginning An epic gameplay duo featuring the Sheridan and the T49, delivering an awesome, high-explosive fueled carry. When a light tank gets great matchmaking.

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Weak points of T49

While every other tank is reciving somewhat buff, 13 90 is only one that is being nerfed. Yes its a scout yet its getting nerfed to the point where it cant scout either. Can you see it? Whereas now it can 1 clip any other scout in the game.

Matchmaking world of tanks – Find a woman in my area! Free to join to Now we share wot t49 matchmaking and platoons suitable for greater predictability.

Now, much less. Hereunder, you will find both my own personal guide and a “guide to the guides”. All I hope is they help beginners and other medium level players, allowing them not to spend hundreds of battles before understanding what it takes to play better and to have fun with World of Tanks. World of Tanks is a massively multiplayer online game developed by Belarussian company Wargaming now based in Cyprus , featuring midth century s—s era tanks and self-propelled artillery.

In the above extract from a screen copy of the results of a victorious battle, the left column shows the actual credits results, and the right column shows what the credits results woud have been if the Russian player had a premium account. The designers want to retain or bring back players to the game — and make some more money in the process — with a quite new, over-powered concept. These armored cars, gifted with an insane mobility, all of the French Panhard line , were tested from September to December In two years, I spent more than euros on the game.

Also, if you just complete the missions and use tankrewards.


Have you ever played Himmelsdorf against a team that has more heavies than you? Update 9. Simply put, we taught the matchmaker to see the difference between the Maus and IS-7, for example. Now, it balances them separately. Along with balancing teams by vehicle classes artillery, light tanks, and tank destroyers and Platoons, the matchmaker now looks into the intended roles each tank plays in combat and ensures each side has a similar number of vehicles that play the same role.

Researched after the T49 for , T92E1 is a nimble, maneuverable, and highly dangerous tank. Or rather a hot rod chassis for moving the formidable ​.

World of Tanks epic 60TP gameplay duo, with a double dose of Polish heavy tank action! Polish tanks in WoT never looked so tempting! World of Tanks challenge for gold! Can you name the tank hiding under this T skin? If yes, follow the instructions in the comments for a chance to wi World of Tanks epic Pantera gameplay with a double dose of Italian medium tank goodness!

T49 vs. Chaffee. Same Vehicle Better Matchmaking?

Unfair matchmaking world of tanks I cannot help but it matches before and guides; mod. Major patch should include big changes in armor hello warriors, on matchmaker algorithms. Learn more information in mind that will introduce new These dirty-minded and fascinating ladies are really skilful when it comes to licking big cocks and generously expose their extremely impressive blowjob skills right in front of camera lenses in order to receive hot cum loads , reworks.

Yet we have to turn an assault tank into a changed.

Also, that extra 30m view range means a lot when you’re sitting in a bush with Binoculars, Coated optics and Camo. Wot t49 matchmaking is a more agile.

See reputation activity. February November 21, September 29, He’s such an old EU player he predates labs? Noticed some referral option, anyone want to invite me? If you are talking about the one that gets you racing points on the rewards page. Someone did the numbers on his playing three years ago, as far as I recall thru concluded he’s not just one person. But, dunno. Home Search In. All Activity Home jodgi. Community Reputation Excellent.

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